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Hi! So if you look at the map on the right of Harani there is a big town with a brown line connecting it to a smaller town. Te lines are roads. You are about half way between the city and town in an inn called The Busted Dumb “Cause you can’t beat it.” Right now it is morning and you deiced to get a move on and leave this dump. If you would like you may ask the innkeeper anything before you go. Or you can be on your way. Please put five twenty sided die rolls on the bottom of each comment.


A human and a halfling enter the inn. Both of them seem to be tired, as if they have traveled a long way, but both of them also look like they have been around the block of few times. They carefully look over the (small) crowd, then nod at each other and mosey up to the bar. The human speaks.

“Two beers, cold if you please.” he says, as he wipes the sweat from his face. “And, if you could, any information about work for a couple of reasonably honest sorts hereabouts.”

The halfling holds up a gold coin “Don’t worry, we can pay”

The Busted Drum

“Well,” says the inn-keeper, “it all depends on what kind of work you want. I hear there is some trouble in the capital, Orpen. I hear there was a half-elf that sold phony potions then disappeared. If you want to travel a little further off coast, in Kelor there is a problem with some unwanted visitors in an old mine shaft.” He snatches the coin and fixes the two bears.

The Busted Drum

The two look at each other. “Potions sounds right for us” says the halfling. “Can’t see much point in going underground on a nice day like today, and my friend here hates anyone messing with the drinks.”

The Bard is looking at the two bears, looking as if he is trying to think of a polite way to say that he ordered “beer” but then he gives up and takes a sip. It does not look like it tastes too good.

16 4 14 9 4

The Busted Drum

Ok then you start heading to Orpen. you in counter 6 colbolts. their armor class is 12.

The Busted Drum

There is a puff of smoke,and I appear!

The Busted Drum

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